Green path rich with green. Dyed with the scent of sweets


    Popular for its thick noodles with soy sauce flavored pork broth "Tonkotsu" ramen. You can have the firmness of the noodles, strength of the flavor, and also eat a large serving of the ramen noodles customized to your preference. The restaurant is open until 5am and is located in the center of a bar district, so most of the customers come and eat their ramen to finish off the night.


    The first in Japan, a theme park of sweets and desserts that opened its doors in November of 2003. You can smell the sweet scent drifting through the restaurant while savoring the desserts made by the famous patissier.


    A restaurant where you can enjoy European cuisine prepared by a chef with experience of over 20 years. A place with a wide variety of wines from around the world selected by sommelier Fujimoto. The restaurant's Italian countryside atmosphere is filled with warm laughters and may make you feel a bit nostalgic. If you're lucky, you might be able to meet the owner's pet rabbit.


    An entertainment bar on the 3rd floor of a shady looking apartment building named "Kuchi Buil(bldg.)" (means "lips" in Japanese) Marking their tenth year anniversary this year, the bar has quite a collection of instruments, and the friendly owner may sometimes play a piece.


    An authentic Cantonese restaurant located along Jiyuu "Freedom" Street. The "Tantantanmen" noodle recipe recommended by the owner is their original dish of a cross between a "Tanmen" noodle and a "Tantanmen" noodle. They offer takeouts and delivery services.


    From casual seating styles at counter tables to intimate private rooms, this restaurant serves Japanese cuisine made of carefully selected fish and vegetables that are in season. They offer a wide variety of sakes to go with their Japanese dishes. The name of the restaurant "Seika"(Spark) comes from the idea, "a small flame, too small that you can even see the stars sparkling (Hoping that the small flame will eventually grow and become a bigger flame)."


AIJ is more than just a name for this artist. It stands for “(A)ll (I)n (J)oy”, a concept of universal happiness that runs deep in all of his work.


Singer, songwriter, producer, narrator, English language specialist

Date of Birth: April 15, 1982 (35)

Blood type: AB


It can be said, that AIJ was born to become a bilingual musician. He spent his early childhood in Hawaii. His father is a pastor and vocalist, and his mother is a pianist. AIJ truly is a product of his environment.


AIJ attended an international school in Tokyo starting in elementary school. He started writing his own songs in middle school and started pursuing it seriously during his days at Temple University Japan Campus. After graduation, he started working at GABA English language school as one of the very few native Japanese instructors. He taught over 2000 students a year while pursuing his career as an artist. By the time AIJ left GABA, he had been promoted to top instructor status.


AIJ started putting his bilingual expertise proved to be invaluable after branching out on his own. He gave private English lessons to VIP clients ranging from famous musicians and actors to politicians. His unique mastery of Japanese and English was also praised in his music career. He became the translator and backup singer for Japan-based American sensation Charlotte Kate Fox, who leaped to stardom thanks to her lead role in the hit NHK TV series Massan. He also landed a spot as a backup singer for legendary J-Pop star Tomomi Kahara. He also wrote lyrics and was the dialect coach for the English release of WAY OF GLORY by AAA which took the No.1 spot on the Oricon chart in March 2017.


Stemming from his work in music, AIJ has also done narration work for countless TV programs. Starting in 2016, he has been responsible for navigating the in-flight programming on Japan Airlines’ mid to long-distance flights. He was also in charge of creative translation and narration for the Vice President of the international branch of Japanese company Lion. AIJ has also headed both Japanese and English narration for the 2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV commercial and Casio Privia series digital piano commercials.


Currently, AIJ is producing music and video content as well as doing narration and music consulting with the company he founded called B.B.Q Co., Ltd. In order to expand Japanese contents, they are providing services specializing in the entertainment industry, such as creative translation and overseas promotion of Japanese artists.


By communicating through music and video, and words in fun and positive way, AIJ and B.B.Q hope to foster fresh new ideas in all forms of entertainment.

AIJ Official Website / 株式会社 B.B.Q





Singer • Narrator


YUKI made his major label debut on Universal Music in 2005. “MOTTAINAI”, his collaborative song with comic actor Lou Oshiba, was featured on NHK’s “Minna No Uta” radio program. YUKI went viral on Twitter with his local Hokkaido song “Genghis Khan”. On its most trending day in 2017, it was ranked as the 13th most popular retweet.

YUKI has had over 2 million plays on YouTube and is currently active in several different fields including music production and narration.