What do you do when you need a little breather from a hectic schedule? One, you can either choose to laze around at home in your jammies, or better: you can head out to SHANTI's favorite spots in Yokohama for a casual adventure.

  • JH Cafe

    JH Cafe is a hidden pub in the back streets of Motomachi, famous for their exceptionally tasty omurice (ketchup rice enveloped with a thinly fried egg). The owner is lovestruck with Hollywood films, which you can immediately tell from the decor -- the dedication towards expanding his collection almost makes it no surprise that the cast members of Star Wars have even paid a visit. Aside from the eyecatching Hollywood prop collection, their cocktails that have been given names of major Hollywood films is also something that speaks to the curious soul. "The Exorcist", anyone? (Read more on the blog)

  • Crepe Don

    This long-standing crepe store that sits at the entrance of Motomachi's shopping street is quite petite but flashy enough to spot; the stand is just enough for one person to fit in, and the two owners of the stand fold their crepes in silence. Regardless of their seemingly impassive attitude, there's just enough tenderness to their crepes to make your heart tingle. Shanti's favorites include their Blueberry Cream Cheese and Butter Sugar crepes. (Read more on the blog)

  • Minatono Mieru Oka Park

    Though now known as a beautiful park that overlooks the harbor and holds 1300 roses in 110 varieties at its peak, the Harbor View Park used to be an area for foreign settlement back in the Edo period. Take a look at the remains of the French army residence at the bottom of the hill or visit the Yokohama British House at the top of the hill -- or choose to ignite a romantic spark with your significant other when the night falls.

  • Kamome Live Matters

    This dining bar located in the laidback Bashamichi area hosts various shows ranging from jazz, pop music, to tango in their cozy living-room-style seating area.


For a relaxed state of mind, SHANTI is your perfect chanteuse. Now entering her 20th year as a professional vocalist, lyricist, and composer, Shanti is best known for her work on “Sora” from “Visions of Eskaflowne”, “Inner Universe” from Ghost in the Shell, and her collaborations with composers such as Yoko Kanno.

Initially entering the music industry by providing commercial jingles to UNIQLO amongst others in her teenage years, she now celebrates her 6th year as a respected solo artist who continues to captivate the souls of Jazz and Pop lovers nationwide. Since her debut, she has been crowned with the Best Professional Recording accolade for her 2012 release “KISS THE SUN” on Japan’s high-resolution audio streaming service, e-onkyo and has been pegged as a starlet in the age of high-resolution audio.

As a woman in her 30’s, she prides herself as a singer bringing sincerity, grace, and passion through her voice and music. She is often compared with Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Holly Cole, and a young Ella Fitzgerald. Based in Japan where she primarily tours, Shanti has also performed in Europe (Paris, Lisbon, Cologne, Astorius, Madrid) and has released “Cloud 9” from the renowned Dutch Jazz Label CHALLENGE RECORDS.

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