Dropping by bars and walking through roads of Shibuya that are essential when speaking of the duo's musical makeup.

  • Callas

    Ready to cozy up after a long day in Tokyo? Let this bar put you at ease with their warm lighting and versatile music selection. Watch jan and naomi perform live on the third or fourth Saturday for their regular event, "Upstairs."
    2-45-21 Tomiyaga Shibuya-ku Tokyo
    Hours: Mon-Sun 8pm-3am
    Official Website

  • Bar Music

    If you're looking for a bar with an immaculate taste in music, look no further. With a handful of records constructing their interior makeup, this bar, ample with music, is also home to jan and naomi's monthly event "Roarers on the Road". Be sure not to miss out on their popular original cocktails, "Espresso Cooler" and "Coffee Bell" during your visit, and browse freely through their CD and LP selection that you can purchase right on the spot.

    1-6-7-5F, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Mon-Sat: 7pm-Midnight
    Sun: 4pm-Midnight
    Official Facebook Page

  • Hyakkendana

    Hyakkendana was where Jan and Naomi met for the first time; needless to say, it didn't take long for their music relationship to blossom into the elusive duo that we now know them to be. The district emerged right after the Kanto earthquake in hopes of revitalizing the area, and quickly developed into a cultural center as theatres, venues, bars and cafes began to crowd the area. The area, to this day, serves as home to many that hold a soft spot for the arts.

  • Hot Buttered Club

    Hot Buttered Club is an underground music bar that welcomes all music aficionados with an open arm. Whether you're in need of something new to add to your music catalogue, or just some impeccable live music that'll turn your night up by a couple of notches, the bar's owner: Mr. Yamaguchi has got your back. Also running a record label under the same name, this label was the one that pressed jan and naomi's first release, "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Time".
    2-3-4 Star Building Aoyama 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Mon.-Thurs.: 18:00-2:00
    Fri., Sat.: 18:00-5:00
    Sun.: 18:00-0:00
    Official Website

  • Young Oyster

    Be ready to slurp on some of the best oysters in town. This snug bar allows for friendly conversation amongst strangers, something one can crave in a busy and crowded metropolis.

    Mon.-Sat.: 6pm-2am

jan and naomi

It was back in 2012 when Jan (Jan Urila Sas, also a member of GREAT3) and Naomi met in Shibuya Hyakkendana, a hip district packed with bars and venues, and formed an instant connection that now takes shape as the spell-binding duo: jan and naomi.

2014 marked their first release, where they released a limited 500 copies of their 7-inch record, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Time,” off of Hot Buttered Record. Succeeded by their 1st EP, “jan, naomi are” in October of the same year, they have since digitally released a live album with INO hidefumi entitled “Crescente Shades (24bit/48kHz)”, and dropped their 2nd EP, “Leeloo and Alexandra” in June of 2016, followed by a nationwide tour. 2016 also marked their first appearance at Japanese’s summer music festival staple, Fuji Rock, which drew increased attention to the captivating duo.

Their first soundtrack will be used for “Amy Said” directed by Taishi Muramoto, due for release later this year.

Their upcoming appearances include Hijiori Music Festival on Mar. 5, and GO OUT JAMBOREE on Apr. 15.

jan and naomi Official Website

jan and naomi Facebook Page

Watch jan and naomi Play Live:
“Roarers on the road” (at Shibuya Bar Music, first Friday of every month)
“Upstairs”(at Tomigaya Callas, third or fourth Saturday of every month)