A city where the skies are wide and things are never too busy.

  • CupNoodles Museum

    Discover the history of the notorious midnight crave at this museum. You can even make your own Cup Noodles here, which is quite easily the best part of the museum.

  • Cosmo World

    You can't possibly miss the giant ferris wheel of Minatomirai's amusement park when visiting the area. Beautifully lit in neon at night, we can't imagine Minatomirai without it.

  • Manyo Club

    Relax your tired feet at this 8-story-high hot spring facility smack in the heart of Minatomirai. Enjoy the various baths they've got to offer and dip your feet in their outdoor ashi-yu (foot bath) area that overlooks the whole Minatomirai landscape.

  • Landmark Tower

    Fulfill that need to go shopping, or head up to the observation deck on its 69th floor for an amazing view, here at Landmark Tower. All of you impatient ones will be delighted to know that the tower houses Japan's fastest elevator, shooting you up to the deck from the 2nd floor in just 40 seconds.

  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

    Though built as Japan's first port facility back in the Meiji and Taisho era, the warehouse is now familiarized as the shopping mall it has transformed to in 2002. Opening skate rinks in the winter, and holding a massive Oktoberfest in the fall season, the area is never depleted of fun events to get the best out of your weekend.

  • Nippon Maru Memorial Park

    Visit the museum ship that's permanently docked in the park, or get comfortable on the grassy area while enjoying a VIP view of Minatomirai, beautiful at both day and night.

  • JACK Cafe

    Missing retro American diners? This cafe's got it down to the t with pinball machines, Pepsi bottle vending machines and all other vintage decor. When a massive Heineken bottle comes into sight, you've made your way.

  • Osanbashi Pier

    Designed by British wife-and-husband team Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera-Polo, the architecture for this international cruise ship dock is the top-winning design selected out of the 660 works submitted from around the world. The deck is also said to resemble a whale.


Born as the son to the general manager of now-defunct live venue, Honmoku Apollo Theater, Yokohama-born Sweep has long been surrounded by soul music. Needless to say, the influences remain when making music of his own. The basketball-loving-soul of his that stems from his formative years is present in his name, Sweep, which refers to the NBA term of conquering all of the playoffs. Landing his debut in 2006, he has released several singles as well as an album, all while producing music for others. He is also a member of Japanese orchestral band, A Hundred Birds, a group of thirty that takes house music as their main focus.