Let the night take you where it leads you in a city that's never depleted of bright neon lights and wild adventures.

  • Kabukicho

    Ladies and gentlemen, the largest "entertainment" district in Japan.

  • Godzilla Head

    Say hello to Godzilla ripping his head out and greeting you from the top of TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku. Don't worry, he'll do no harm (or so we hope).

  • Robot Restaurant

    Imagine everything crazy about Japan put into a 75-minute show, because this is it. From the glitzy-glam waiting space with robots performing jazzy tunes to the neon-filled robot performance, crazy doesn't quite cut it.

  • Golden Gai

    Golden Gai is a vibrant and slightly ramshackle neighborhood where small bars with each their own quirks are packed close together, making bar-hopping easy in turn. Watch out for loose wallets over drinks and shameless karaoke.

  • Hanazono Shrine

    Really need your business to sprout? Let mid-17th-century-built Hanazono Shrine help you out: a shrine that's dedicated to the androgynous god, Inari, that represents success and fertility.

  • Omoide Yokocho

    Translating to "Memory Lane," this short road that provides town-house style bars is as cozy and nostalgic as it can get in this huge metropolis.

  • Shinjuku West Exit Camera Town

    Camera geeks, get ready to splurge at Shinjuku Camera Town: an area dedicated to cameras and its accompanying accessories. Take the west exit out and you won't miss it.

  • Shinjuku Station

    Served by 12 different lines, Shinjuku Station has over 200 exits and 36 platforms; even landing itself a place on the Guinness World Records in 2011 as the world's busiest station. An average of 3.64 million passengers use the station per day.

Annie the Clumsy

It was back in 2011, where Annie the Clumsy accidentally found a clip from “Flight of the Conchords,” which became her source of inspiration to start sharing cover songs, original songs and short films on YouTube and SoundCloud. Quickly gaining attention for her quirky attitude and charming voice, she was then chosen to sing for various adverts including Mazda, ABC Mart, UNIQLO amongst many others. Her first album, “Annie the clumsy from my messy room,” was released in November of 2014 off of Gota Nishidera (Nona Reeves)’s own label, while her sophomore album, “Inside her fancy brain,” was released off of Rallye in July of 2015.