When you've lived in one place your whole life, you've either gone everywhere or you've steered away from exploring at all. We took a trip with Saitama resident BOYS AGE Kazunary Mutoh who's taken the latter approach with his hometown, and cover all the main tourist grounds because why not?

  • Edoya

    Get schooled with Japanese childhood at this dagashiya (cheap candy store) that visually sets itself apart from its retro surroundings with an adorable hot pink exterior. Get lost in their vast mixture of colorfully packaged snacks as well as their assortment of retro toys that range from kites to tops to kendama. Hours: 9:30am-6pm | Open everyday of the year
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  • Toki no Kane

    Who needs wristwatches when you've got a business running in an area where you can hear the bell of Toki no Kane (Bell of Time)? Gracing the people of Kawagoe with its presence for 400 years now, the bell rings four times (6am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm) throughout the day. The melody of the bell has also won a place on "100 Sound Sceneries in Japan".

  • Kumano Shrine

    For better fortune and improved relationships, head over to Kumano Shrine, a playful shrine otherwise known as "Okuman Sama". Three things are not to be missed during your visit here: 1. Wash your money in their magic waters to acquire better wealth 2. Let a game of ring toss determine what you'll get lucky in (choices include health, career/studies, wealth, love, and whatever you wish for) 3. Walk on a road of pebbles for improved health -- hurts? Shoot for that healthy lifestyle you've always wanted but kept straying away from. This is also a famous praying spot for Japanese football players since the symbol of the Kumano Shrine is a three-legged mystical raven, which also happens to be the symbol for the Japanese Football Association.

  • Rerere no Record

    While channeling the retro atmosphere of Kawagoe, this record store/cafe serves as a delightful change of pace with their pink walls, interior items that seem to have sailed from a tropical island, feel-good BGM and a broad yet fascinating selection of records. Ranging from enka to electro to 80s Japanese pops, their curious selection will keep customers on their toes. Bonus: if you’re aware of popular manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, you’ll know how the name is taken from one of his popular characters “Rerere no Ojisan,” which also explains the brooms, a signature item of the character. Hours: 11:30am-10pm (L.O.)
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Hailing from Saitama, Boys Age is a musical duo that formed in 2013. Proceeding a number of self-released singles, they landed a US debut by releasing their 1st album off of <BURGER RECORDS> (CA)/<GNAR TAPES> (CA)/<Bleeding Gold> (CA). Being touted as the “Japanese DIY master,” they have allured their core listeners ever since their inception. Their first domestic release, “Calm Time” was in 2015 via <Magniph>, which was also subsequently released off of <BURGER RECORDS> spurring various music magazines abroad including DIY magazine and Tiny Mix Tapes in a delightful frenzy, which led to a widespread release across the states, Italy, UK, and Ireland amongst others while his tracks also enjoyed play time on US’ acclaimed radio station WFMU.

He has since collaborated with Sonny & the Sunsets’ cult star Sonny Smith, and has released a split 7″ with DIY godfather R. Stevie Moore, also known for his recent collaborations with Ariel Pink and Jad Fair. Boys Age has also supported the stages of Painted Palms and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding.

Frontman Mutoh continues to mesmerize listeners with the use of retro equipment and an ever-creative mind, at times placing them in a confused state with his strange wails and peculiar pronunciation. Though it may be a challenge to wrap your head around his idiosyncratic world, it’s hardly a challenge to fall in love with the melodies they concoct.

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